Heat Protector Spray

Best Heat Protection Spray

I don't use my hair straighteners every day. But I am aware that by just using them a few days a week, together with my hair dryer, I am risking my locks resembling something similar to a dried out haystack.  And that's not a good look.

I do use homemade hair masks once a week to give my hair some loving, but it does pay to throw in some preventative measures by way of heat protection spray.

But what is the best heat protection for you your hair and routine? Read on to find out which ones I like the most.

ghd Heat Protect

ghd Heat Protector

Although more costly than other heat protectors, paying the extra is worth it for such a quality product.

Just like ghd straighteners, the heat protector has been developed to provide only the very best for your hair. ​

The spray can be used on damp or dry hair before using a hair dryer or straighteners. It leaves your hair smelling absolutely lovely and makes straightening hair much easier. It doesn't leave any sticky residue behind and doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy like some other heat protectors.

Simply Beautiful 10 in One Hair Treatment

Simply Beautiful 10 in One Hair Treatment

More than just a heat protector, this product also helps to turn your hair silky and smooth. It can control the frizz and help protect coloured hair. With built in UVA/UVB filters, it can also be sprayed on hair before spending time in the sun for added protection.

It contains no parabens or sulphates but does contain alcohol.​

It is a leave in spray and can be used on damp or dry hair.

Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray by InstaNatural

Argan Oil Protector Spray

Enriched With:

Organic Argan Oil

Castor Oil

Vitamin B5

Sunflower Seed Oil

This Argan Oil spray can be applied to wet or dry hair and is dispensed throught the spray nozzle. It has a great smell and leaves hair soft and shiny. Simply apply the spray just before drying or straightening your hair and leave in.

It can be used to protect against hair straighteners, hair dryers, the sun and any other heat your hair is exposed to.

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